Against All Odds

Against All Odds


Since graduating from my bachelor's degree, I have entered society and dived headfirst into a fast-paced work life. Stress has become a normal part of my daily routine. However, the most challenging aspect is when my routine becomes an absolute necessity. I find myself working solely for money to pay off loans and cover expenses. I have abandoned any aspirations or dreams I once had, even giving up my hobby of playing the organ, all in order to survive and make a living.

The toughest moment in my life was giving birth to my first baby naturally, without the aid of an epidural. This marked the beginning of my journey into motherhood. It was during this time that I started questioning myself: should I begin doing something more meaningful? I made the decision to breastfeed my baby, as I believed it was the best choice for her. However, this choice came with its own set of challenges. I had to endure waking up at midnight, with only one to two hours of sleep in between, and I felt overwhelmed when my baby developed jaundice and required overnight hospital stays for phototherapy.

At times, I have contemplated giving up due to the overwhelming challenges of motherhood, including breastfeeding issues and sleepless nights. It was difficult to find people who could provide the right advice on these matters. However, my motivation received a significant boost when I discovered ANGUGU.COM, a platform that helped me solve all my problems. This experience made me realize that I could do the same and extend a helping hand to those in need. In April 2015, I made the decision to leave my regular full-time job and pursue something more meaningful.

I embarked on a sewing course, attended a breastfeed peer counselor workshop, and most importantly, I founded MIKALI STORE (Mikali Store or Mikali Facebook Store).

Putting myself in the shoes of others, I am more than happy to offer assistance, particularly when it comes to breastfeeding knowledge, being a good listener, discussing confinement practices, and addressing any problems you or your baby may be facing. Additionally, I have been hearing impaired since birth, and I deeply appreciate the kindness of people who don't mind repeating themselves or raising their voices, as I face difficulties in hearing due to the structural issues in my cochlea, as diagnosed by my specialist doctor. So, how do I survive or overcome these odds? It's all about my passion and love for my daughter and family. I have also learned to read lips, which helps me understand spoken language to some extent. There is a saying that goes, "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." This sentiment became even more apparent to me when I met the team from Astro's Program 'SME Great Helper' and a supportive group of fellow mothers who share similar experiences.

Ultimately, each person has their own unique reasons for living. It's important to stay focused and maintain belief in yourself. Remember, you can overcome challenges and achieving your goals. Stay determined and have faith in your abilities.