The cheapest option is not always the best

The cheapest option is not always the best

During the entrepreneurial journey, we have encountered numerous setbacks.

We have always believed in selling quality mother and baby products, and we have conducted extensive research before deciding on which brands and products to carry. We take pride in the fact that the goods we offer are genuine and properly sourced through the correct channels.

However, there have been times when our earnings were not substantial, but we have a clear conscience. We ensure that all our products have proper documentation and certificates. There was one incident where we planned to sell baby snacks in bulk and shared the link with a mother, only to receive a hurtful comment. She said, "Why is your group purchase price still more expensive than what I can buy from the foreign e-commerce websites?" It felt like a lightning strike to the heart. We had already minimized our margins, and yet we were criticized.

We have also encountered some "interesting" buyers who privately messaged us, asking why a water bottle was leaking. Upon checking our sales records, we found that this buyer had never made a purchase from us. When we asked her about it, she hurriedly replied, "Oh, I didn't buy from you, but the other seller didn't respond, and I saw that you sell the same item, so I asked you." To help or not to help? We chose to assist, but it can be frustrating.

In 2023, there is no denying that the mother and baby market presents a great business opportunity. Malaysia alone sees 20 million newborns each year, making it a highly potential market.

However, along with the genuine businesses, there are also many unscrupulous sellers in the market, selling counterfeit, low-quality, or even loss-making products. This is indeed disheartening.

Dear mothers and fathers, we can only do our due diligence and avoid falling into fraudulent traps. After all, the products we buy are for our children's use, consumption, and well-being. How can we compromise on their health and well-being just for the sake of "bargains" without proper research?

Let us hope for a world without counterfeits and dishonest merchants to protect our children and their health.