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【Brand New】Simba allongé PPSU Wide Neck Handle-Slider Cup (360ml/12oz)

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RM 103.00
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RM 118.00
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Product Description



Condition: Brand New



  • The straw possesses Vigor Anti-Splash Backflow Prevention System, the easy-open sliding lid is designed for small hands.
  • REVOLUTION! Patented Vigor Anti-Splash System, anti-splash and not a leak when turned upside-down.
  • Water can be sipped once baby's mouth touches the straw.
  • Using 100% food grade platinum silicone from Shin-Etsu Chemical Japan, soft on baby’s mouth.
  • Aspir 5.0 Smart Anti-Colic Decompression System, effectively reduces colic, choking and spitting up.
  • 360° Straw, drink in any position from any angle. One-piece straw ball, 304 stainless steel with seamless coating, no more hidden stains.
  • 20° Ergonomic effortless handles, easily sip without having to tilt the bottle.
  • All parts detachable and washable. For a thorough clean, OK to sterilize using steam, UV or microwave sterilizers/boiling water.


How To Use:

Install the O-ring in the correct direction and assemble the parts tightly. Fit the straw onto the Handle-Slider, pull the spout upward until you hear "pop!" Screw the Handle-Slider on tightly.


Product Specification:

  • Handle-Slider / JointPolypropylene-20~+100
  • Spout / O-Ring / StrawSilicone-20~+120
  • BottlePolyphenylene Sulfone-20~+197
  • Straw BallPolypropylene / Stainless Steel-20~+100)

Key Highlights

  • The product is reusable.
  • DO NOT use with glass bottles or bottles of other brands to avoid accidents.
  • Disassemble and wash all parts, but do not lose any of them; keep them in a safe place.
  • DO NOT fill with carbonated beverages to avoid sudden changes in pressure which may cause leakage.
  • Be careful when filled with hot drinks over 50°C.
  • DO NOT fill with drinks containing pulp or particles to avoid straw blockage.
  • NEVER leave your baby unattended with the product.
  • Replace the product immediately if distorted or damaged.

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